Vol. 17 / 2022 – International Conference on Virtual Learning

e-Dubba: a Learning Platform for Sumerian Exposing Cuneiform Signs as Text



A wide variety of computer-assisted language learning systems have been developed for English and other living languages such as French, Chinese or Japanese. Comparatively, few systems, if any, have been developed for extinct languages, in particular for Sumerian. This language has the added difficulty for students to be written in cuneiform, a script in which a sign can have multiple readings and meanings and for which computer support is low. In this paper, we present e-Dubba, the prototype of a web-based learning platform that offers Sumerian courses in French. It is the first system of its kind to offer copy-paste-able cuneiform signs, which allows the reuse of them conveniently in other software applications or for communication. In addition, it integrates a dictionary that is capable of giving meaning and translation of words in the context in which they appear. Finally, the platform features learning analytics by logging user's page consultations and dictionary lookups. Teacher is provided with a page of its own to monitor progress.

CALL, learning analytics, smart dictionary, Sumerian, Capstone project

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Louis LECAILLIEZ, "e-Dubba: a Learning Platform for Sumerian Exposing Cuneiform Signs as Text", International Conference on Virtual Learning, ISSN 2971-9291, ISSN-L 1844-8933, vol. 17, pp. 109-116, 2022. https://doi.org/10.58503/icvl-v17y202209