Vol. 17 / 2022 – International Conference on Virtual Learning

Following the Line from Blocks Programming to Robotics

Alexandra-Emilia FORTIS, Teodor-Florin FORTIS


Computational thinking has developed into one of the basic abilities to be achieved during childhood, and not only. Industry 4.0, on the other hand, requires a set of basic skills that can be linked with computational thinking. Although many of the concepts involved in both computational thinking and Industry 4.0 are difficult to be achieved by using a traditional learning path, there are alternatives, especially for young learners, to get started and advance with computational thinking, and get accustomed with some of the new skills required by the new industrial revolution. There are numerous means to acquire such capabilities, supported by formal and non-formal frameworks of education, and assumed by different types of organizations. We focus our paper on an educational path from the youngest learners to teenage programmers, in the context of CoderDojo non-formal educational activities.

Computational Thinking, Robotics, K-9 education, Blocks-based programming, Scratch

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Alexandra-Emilia FORTIS, Teodor-Florin FORTIS, "Following the Line from Blocks Programming to Robotics", International Conference on Virtual Learning, ISSN 2971-9291, ISSN-L 1844-8933, vol. 17, pp. 253-264, 2022. https://doi.org/10.58503/icvl-v17y202221