Vol. 18 / 2023 – International Conference on Virtual Learning

Educational metasystemology perspective in management of Artificial Intelligence paradigm within teacher training



This study, focused on understanding how to manage the artificial intelligence paradigms and diversity of pedagogical design frameworks in education, aims to contribute to the study of whether and how nowadays teachers design feasible learning environments. The emergence of the new idea of artificial intelligence, its impact on the real-virtual ecosystem of learning and communication, and its advancement in open science are explained in detail. Particularly, this study intends to explore teachers’ opinions regarding how to develop successful learning strategies in the minds of their students as the integrity of cognitive, affective, metacognitive, and social life-long learning strategies. The web-based questionnaire created in Google Forms was used as a reference case. Its results completed by pre-university teachers (N= 64) who attended a teaching training program are presented. The conclusion indicates that teachers do believe that artificial intelligence replaced linear approach and systematic instructional design in favor of metasystems learning design. However, the opinions of teachers regarding the impact of artificial intelligence in digital assessment are not in line with the finding of researchers concerned with the issue of pedagogical design in the diversity of learning environments.

Artificial Intelligence, Learning Strategies, Pedagogical design, E-assessment, Ecosystem of learning and communication, Metacognition

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Elena RAILEAN, Doina PAVALACHI, Ciprian CEOBANU, "Educational metasystemology perspective in management of Artificial Intelligence paradigm within teacher training", International Conference on Virtual Learning, ISSN 2971-9291, ISSN-L 1844-8933, vol. 18, pp. 147-158, 2023. https://doi.org/10.58503/icvl-v18y202312