Vol. 18 / 2023 – International Conference on Virtual Learning

Digital Curriculum: a bibliometric analysis

Huseyin BICEN, Razvan BOGDAN, Sebastian PETRUC


The paper represents a bibliometric analysis of the studies indexed in the Web of Science database, utilising the "Digital Curriculum" keyword in order to generate explenatory graphical models through the use of the VosViewer software. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the keywords having the highest frequency of use in studies regarding the topic of "Digital Curriculum", while also individuating the countries having the biggest impact and the largest number of publications in the mentioned domain of interest. The study reveals the quantitative relevance of “curriculum”, “design”, “education” and “students” keywords, highlighting the influencial nature of digital curricula on the performative results of students during the educational process, due to the possibility of redesigning pedagogical materials, exercises and problems to be solved interactively. A relevant result may be observed in the relatively high total link strength for the “mathematics” keyword, suggesting the intricate connection between the two domains of study and the suitability of mathematics to be taught through digital means.

education, Digital Curriculum, Mathematics, Bibliometric Analysis

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Huseyin BICEN, Razvan BOGDAN, Sebastian PETRUC, "Digital Curriculum: a bibliometric analysis", International Conference on Virtual Learning, ISSN 2971-9291, ISSN-L 1844-8933, vol. 18, pp. 114-122, 2023. https://doi.org/10.58503/icvl-v18y202309